Why not give a plot of unspoiled rainforest and help with conservation?
  The Rainforest-Institute e.V. has been offered the rare chance to buy a plot of absolutely unspoiled rainforest in the heart of Amazonia.
  Please help us to buy and to conserve this plot of unspoiled rainforest which is of great ecological value. As a thank-you for your support you will receive a symbolic titledeed made out as requested. The purchase will be completed by the Instituto Floresta Tropical, our Brazilian branch in Manaus.
  The plot which has got 110 hectares is situated at KM 17 of the Ramal Bomsuccesso, a small track branching off the road Manaus - Boa Vista (leading to Venezuela) at app. KM 120.
  Description of the plot:
  On this plot of unspoiled rainforest with its old stock of trees and its natural diversity and great ecological value there are also two Igarapés (small rivers with waterfalls). The jaguar is still among the many wild animals that live there. Deer, hare, peccaries, macaws, toucans, sloths and monkeys are also found on the plot, not to mention the breathtaking diversity of the flora. The plot is bordered by intact state-owned rainforest, with only a few minor tracks cutting through it. The purchase of up to 500 hectares of further land will be possible at a later date.
  The plot we have been offered, is currently owned by a settler family who had only a narrow strip of land along the Ramal Bomsuccesso under cultivation. They wish to sell the plot for personal reasons. There are also other potential purchasers, whose interests in the plot are merely of an economic nature (lumbering, hunting and cattle farming). This would sow the seeds of destruction into this so far unspoiled area. The family would prefer to sell their land to us, as they are also concerned about the future of their land.
  Possible uses of the plot by the Rainforest-Institute:
  - Experimental plots and a small training centre for sustainable agriculture and forestry in the tropics could be established on the strip of land that has been under cultivation by the settler family.
- To guarantee a source of income that will contribute towards the expenses incurring with the conservation of the plot (employment of rangers, vehicles and means of communication) there would be also the possibility to allow a very restrictive eco-tourism.
  Please, help us to conserve this plot of unspoiled rainforest! Give this present to your family and friends as a symbol of your concern. For your donation you will receive a personalised titledeed acknowledging your support. For contributions from DM 100.- up you will automatically receive a donation certificate.
  When paying in your contribution, please do not forget to let us know your address and the name you wish to be printed onto the symbolic titledeed.
  Donations should be paid to the following account:
  Sparkasse Freiburg
Account number: 10044788
Bank code number: 68050101
  Your titledeed will be mailed to you, as soon as your contribution has been credited to our account. It can be ordered by e-mail:
  Please forward this information to your friends and colleagues.