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  The Rainforest-Institute, institute for applied rainforest conservation was founded in April 1999 by nine scientists from of biology, computing and medicine. It was set up in Freiburg, Germany.
  Short profile
  Undoubtedly the industrialised countries bear a share of responsibility for the rainforests, especially for the tropical ones and for their population - not only in an ethical sense, but also with respect to their influence on the global climate. Knowledge about their significance as a genetic resource and about their inconceivable wealth in life is still incomplete because of the variety and complexity of the systems.
Despite decades of basic research into rainforests there is still a lack of suitable, sustainable and interdisciplinary projects to ensure long-term protection of the rainforests.
  Objectives and purposes
  The aim of the institute is to support scientific research and development projects that will ensure sustainable and holistic protection of the rainforests. The interests of indigenous and other people who settle in the rainforest will be preserved and supported as far as they promote the protection of their habitat
The Rainforest-Institute intends to combat the sources of rainforest destruction with innovative, scientifically sound and sustainable projects. Preference is given to interdisciplinary approaches. All projects will be monitored scientifically and results will all be analysed and published.

The objectives will be realised by:
  1. carrying out scientific research and projects
  2. publishing scientific reports
  3. advising and supporting national and international institutions, which are acting in agreement with the aims of the institute
  4. conducting seminars and educational work
  5. co-operating with national and international organisations, universities and other research institutes, having the same objectives
  Structure of the organisation

    Dr Rainer Putz, biologist
    Nik Geiler, biologist
    Josef Bartmann, informatic

Advisory Board

    to be set up

Executive Director